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Apple is expected to pass off the forced switch to USB-C as its own invention

Apple is expected to pass off the forced switch to USB-C as its own invention

The iPhone 15 family is expected to ditch the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C. The real reason is a new EU law that forces all manufacturers of mobile phones and a number of other electronic products to use USB-C specifically, so that consumers don’t need several sets of chargers and charging cables.

But Apple will rarely mention the European Union, writes Mark Gurman bloomberg. The company blasted it all the way until the law was finally voted on, but no sign of giving up was expected at Apple’s September 12 press event. Instead, Mark Gurman expects Apple to present the change as its own and a win for customers — they can now charge both a computer and a mobile phone with the same cable, for example.

Internally at the company, Mark Gorman claims there is some concern about the negative effects of the turnaround. One concern is that it will become easier for accessory manufacturers to sidestep the “Made for i” program for licensed accessories — although it’s rumored that Apple still locks down iOS so that some accessories only work if they’re licensed, just as they are. today. It is also said that fast charging is limited to authorized accessories, but Apple can defend the move by saying it guarantees fire safety.

Another major concern is how Apple can appease angry customers whose existing accessories and cables no longer work with the latest iPhone models. Some managers also worry that it will be easier to switch from iPhone to Android, writes Mark Gorman.

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