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Andres Loco: “The years in London have increased my ideological education”

Andres Loco: “The years in London have increased my ideological education”


When you start a text group, you are still Foreign Swedes, “The only thing worse From politicians buying sex and child lovers and The organization of the Swedish Democrats. ”However Not the same type of foreign Swedish Like Ingvar Kamprad or Jesper Barnevik, or …?

– Yes, the foreign Swede, who settled on the Riviera or Marbella and complains about Sweden, is definitely a very entertaining subculture, but it’s a terrible type that no one respects. We must have prejudices about the Swede abroad. We other Swedes who end up abroad for work or relationship reasons usually try to smooth out Swedish abroad but if you’ve been living abroad for a long time then you will eventually become a Dolph Lundgren. Suddenly you wake up in the morning and realize that you are dreaming of another language. You have a voice, like Pluto in any old Disney movie, that thinks in English and then you have another voice that says “Stop dreaming in English, you are Dolph Lundgren!”

But after a few years in England it starts She wonders if Communism is not one The idea of ​​downplaying it. Usually not Knowledgeable insight abroad?

A: No, it’s absolutely true. Being in Britain during the financial crisis and David Cameron was like carrying a miserable neoliberal mirror image in which Sweden was seen over three years. I thought I understood class society when I was 13 by listening to The Jam, but when I really ended up – without being Daniel Blake for that matter – I noticed how I was automatically put into the union of People Serving for Little. Money is therefore not welcome in the system. And that was one of the reasons I didn’t stay. So I think the years I spent in London increased my ideological upbringing and, above all, increased my class consciousness.

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How it affected you Music journalist?

– I strongly object to the fact that economic and commercial success will be synonymous with quality. The clearest thing that happened politically in music in the first decade of the 21st century was that multinational corporations tried to regain control through idol contests, songwriting factories, etc., and in the end the world was convinced that it would be so. When you know your pop history, you realize how similar the 2010s can be to the period right before the Beatles. The welcome era was marked after Elvis’s move to rags and before the Beatles emerged a number of years as the industry tried to control everything and there was a ranks correction and teen pop music ready.

When TV4 only wants to know “pepper”, As she writes, Simon Cowell fights To wipe out the political artist – what So is the critic’s job?

The complete freedom of choice that the internet means also means that every choice in our cultural consumption, or what we write about, becomes a political choice. Everything is there and you have to choose. People end up choosing what is most common in their environment, and which is the least common denominator when speaking to co-workers the next day. You can protest what I am saying and say that not everyone likes the only movie or book we discuss in the cultural field, some may think that it is good and others that it is bad, but still everyone writes about the same thing! It can bother me. At the same time, it gives me momentum and function, as I hope. Why should someone else give their opinion on this without saying anything else? Read this Belgian poet instead! Or, listen to this Peruvian artist!

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You write that all pop music is Political, including the prosecution Not. do you feel Alone about this position?

– I hope I’m not alone in it. At the same time that the search for this campfire gathered, it became more and more clear how the backlash was being generated. Like when David Fincher and Charlie Kaufman make narrow, hard-to-reach movies on Netflix. Small resistance movement “behind enemy lines”. I can relate to that myself. If I happen to see an idol contest by mistake, I’ll immediately start writing a column about The Cramps and The Stooges in my head going through a purification of some kind.