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A tough start to the new Babylon's Fall from Platinum Games.  Peak player is 647 players on release day.

A tough start to the new Babylon’s Fall from Platinum Games. Peak player is 647 players on release day.

Platinum games make really good games, but sometimes it can be difficult to get games into the hands of players. This appears to be the case with the new Babylon’s Fall released yesterday for PC and Playstation. On Steam, not many people played the title during release and the number of concurrent players peaked during the first day at 647 players. Too low, then. Square Enix acts as a distributor and to compare to previous Square versions, it looks a little extra build. Marvel’s Avengers, considered a flop, had 28,000 players while Outriders had 125,000 players on day one.

Everything it depends on is currently unknown, but it seems like it’s all a mixture of bad marketing and bad timing and the developers didn’t think the game would be a success. Lately, we haven’t seen much trailers or similar to the game and the timing like that when big titles like Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring were released recently. Aside from that, no game media seems to have had any chance of reviewing the game prior to release, which is rarely a good sign.

Gamers who have already played the game and written reviews on Steam don’t seem to really appreciate that it’s a €70 premium game packed with microtransactions. In terms of gameplay, it looks absolutely fine.

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Fighting trailer for the fall of Babylon

Shows how to play the new co-op adventure for Platinum

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Platinum Games has a new game on the way called Babylonx27s Fall. The game will be released early next week and offers a true action adventure that you will be able to experience with your loved ones online. Prior to the release, it might be good to really see what you’re going to do in the game, and now a trailer has been released going through the different ways we’ll be encountering in the game. Babylonx27’s Fall will be released on March 3rd for PC and Playstation. If you are interested in the game, there is a demo version available via the Playstation Store.

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New trailer for the fall of Babylon

Next Platinum Games Action Game

Platinum Games, the gang behind Bayonetta, Vanquish and Nier, is making this cute action game and at the moment the developer studio is working on an upcoming game called Babylonx27s Fall. Over the weekend, a new trailer for the game was delivered as well as a video where the developers talk about whether we can anticipate the game and what you’ll find above and below. The game will be a live service game with a cooperative focus where four players can run together and clash with enemies and monsters in different noble environments. When Babylonx27’s fall is released is currently unknown, but in the latest promo, we’ll at least find out that the release will happen for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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Platinum Games releases new trailer for Babylon’s Fall

More information coming this summer

Today’s state of play brought a lot of good news and a new trailer for Babylonx27’s Fall from action masters Platinum Games was one of them. The gang showed off a trailer for the upcoming game, which gave a bit of a feel for Devil May Cry and Dark Souls. In addition to what we see in the trailer above, and the trailer released during E3 2018, we know very little about the game. However, in the new trailer, we find out that more information is coming, but we’ll have to wait until this summer before the information arrives.

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