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Amazon Luna game streaming service launched in the US

Amazon Luna game streaming service launched in the US

Google isn’t the only one who believes in game streaming as part of the future; Amazon got into the game as well and has been beta testing its service for some time Luna. Now, however, it is ready for release, and it has already happened in the United States. It has many different subscriptions and also integration with Twitch.

The six are different Subscriptions (Which they call “channels” include, among other things, the Kid-Friendly Family Channel for $2.99 ​​per month, the Retro Channel for $4.99 and Ubisoft+ for $17.99 per month. So these channels include their own game collections, so Unlike Stadia, you don’t have to purchase the games separately.

In addition, Amazon Prime members can access a rotating selection of games at no additional cost. This month is “Free Games” fugesAnd the Devil May Cry 5And the recovery And the Monitor: System Reduxwhile presenting next month, among others Rebirth of amnesia And the fatal shell.

Luna should be able to use it on PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablet, Chromebook, Iphone, Ipad, and Android phones. You can also buy a special Luna controller, but the service is also compatible with controllers like the Xbox One and Dualshock 4, as well as a keyboard and mouse.

Those who love to stream can also enjoy the Twitch integration, which streams to the service directly from Luna. Games are streamed at 1080p and are then expected to consume around 10GB/hour.

We don’t know yet when the service will be launched in Europe.

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