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8 pages – More people are being diagnosed with ADHD

8 pages – More people are being diagnosed with ADHD

More and more people in Sweden
He was diagnosed with ADHD.
It's about children,
Young and old.

National Council for Health and Social Welfare
We believe the diagnosis is with ADHD
It will continue to increase.

The government wants to change the advice
For how children and young people
With ADHD must be treated.
They want more doctors
You must be able to prescribe medication.

The most recent advice came in 2016.
Since then, more have come
Research and new medications for ADHD.

Now experts will investigate
How can advice be changed?

It's hard to know exactly
Why are more people diagnosed with ADHD in Sweden?
National Board of Health and Social Care experts say.

Jacob Forsmed, Minister
In government.

He says that the requirements
On what students should be able to do
At school it can be very difficult.
This may lead to more people applying
Help for diagnoses such as ADHD.

In schools it is a requirement
That students must have received the diagnosis
You are entitled to more help at school.

The increase may also be due to:
That more people know more about the diagnosis.
This applies to all of health care
And ordinary people.

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