Since 2022, smallpox, formerly known as monkeypox, has spread globally. In Sweden, an outbreak is currently underway, especially in the Stockholm area. Since the beginning of April, 23 new cases have been confirmed, most of them infected in this country.

The disease is transmitted primarily through close physical contact, such as sexual contact.

– As before, we recommend that people at high risk of infection receive smallpox vaccination. Vaccination is especially important now that we are seeing an increase in the spread of infection, said Eric Storgard, deputy state epidemiologist for the public health agency. In a recent statement.

Now the government assigns the Public Health Agency the task of ensuring the availability of vaccines against smallpox.

The Public Health Authority estimates that the virus will continue to spread. Therefore, we want to secure the availability of vaccines to protect groups that are particularly at risk of infection, and so that we are well prepared if the spread of infection in society increases, says Social Affairs Minister Jakob Forsmed. In a press release.

This designation, which must be notified by the end of February 2026 at the latest, means that vaccines already available in Sweden will have to be stored nationally. It should then be possible to sell it or donate it to the regions, if necessary. The public health agency should also update the National Operational Vaccination Plan with a plan on how regions will obtain vaccines against smallpox.

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