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101-year-old Jane is still working

101-year-old Jane is still working

Jayne Burns has worked in a store in Mason, Ohio for 25 years.

Even though Jayne turned 101 last month, she continues to work part-time about three days a week. She believes it contributed to the fact that she is still very active.

You have to keep moving and not just sit around the house all day. Jayne says I simply love working and having colleagues.

This includes colleague Maggie Husvar who is 80 years younger than Jane and often showcases their time together in the workplace in Tik Tok.

– Jane is a pearl, a ray of sunshine, says Maggie inside.

Jayne’s best tips for a long life

Jayne shared her best tips for living a long life.

1) Don’t think it’s all about good genes

Jane’s mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage in her 40s and her father was 65. Their daughter was almost as old as the parents when they were together.

– I don’t know why, but I’m still here, says Jane.

2) Eat everything in moderation

However, Jayne admits that she is “very fond of sweets”.

3) Stay active

– I’ve been active all my life and always got things done. I think that helped more than anything else, says Jane, who has been bowling and golfing and has exercised regularly for most of her life.

4) Don’t get down from health setbacks

Jin is a cancer survivor and has always been an optimist.

– Honestly, I hardly notice that I’m getting old, except that I’m not mobile, says Jayne.

5) Take care of your skin and body

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She never used soap on her face when she was younger so that the skin would not age prematurely. However, Jayne still uses her face cream — and makeup — every single day.

– I’ve been doing this all my life, so now I’m not going to stop, – says Gene.

6) Try to make friends everywhere

– I really like being with other people. Most of them are very nice, says Jin.

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