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The police are dealing with the stupid thief

The police are dealing with the stupid thief

Twenty-year-old Samuel Walmsley was part of a criminal gang in England that was involved in, among other things, burglaries and robberies.

But now Walmsley and 13 of his companions have been sentenced to long prison terms after the police were able to prove that they had committed a number of crimes.

“It wasn’t too hard,” Lancashire Police wrote on X (formerly Twitter) – alongside a “rolling eyes” emoji.

“Not exactly the smartest idea…”

Namely, Walmsley photographed the cash and bank cards that he and his gang had stolen in connection with the robbery.

He also filmed himself bragging about the money he had embezzled through criminal activity and brandished a large stack of banknotes.

“Not exactly Samuel Walmsley’s smartest idea,” wrote Lancashire Police, who found the videos on Walmsley’s mobile phone.

Lancashire Police ran with Walmsley by posting a “how it started vs. how it goes” meme (such as “then and now”) where it posts two pictures next to each other to show how life has changed.

The photo then shows Walmsley waving a fist of money while the photo now is of him after his arrest.

The association also commented on a post in a local Facebook group that showed them getting into a car – they laughed and wrote, “It’s me.”

“But something tells us they aren’t laughing now,” the Lancashire Police wrote.

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