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Shot from above • The Norwegian flight attendant took a photo over Corfu

Shot from above • The Norwegian flight attendant took a photo over Corfu

Norwegian flight attendant Antonio Jade Wilhelmsen Siri, 21, captured this photo of a large-scale forest fire in Corfu. On Monday night, he caught a delayed flight between Preveza in western Greece and Oslo. About 20 minutes after liftoff, they flew over the Greek island of Corfu, where a major forest fire broke out on Sunday.

For those on flights, it’s not unusual to see lightning and storms from the air, but this was something completely different, says Antonio Gade-Wilhelmsen-Siri.

– It was a very large area with a forest fire and a lot of embers. It was like something you’ve seen in a movie, with effects. You can also see the lights from the houses and they were very close to the fire. It was all so surreal.

– It’s very sad, there have been a lot of fires lately, he says.

Norwegians are happy to come home

In recent weeks, Antonio has taken several trips to Greece and witnessed the heat wave firsthand. But this was the first time they had actually seen a fire.

He also noticed that there are many people who are happy to leave there.

– Yesterday there were several people who were very happy to get on board. It was like a shock as the air conditioning on the plane got so loud. Then there are many who feel happy when they come back to Norway, when they go down the stairs and feel the coolness, says Antonio Gade Wilhelmsen-Siri.

Photo: private

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