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100 billion for climate - but who pays?

100 billion for climate – but who pays?

In the run-up to the UN Climate Summit, there is uncertainty about how different countries have contributed to climate change in low-income countries. EU finance ministers are now demanding a statement. The most important thing is that we have reached the promised $ 100 billion, says the Minister of Environment and Climate Per Bell.

The UN climate summit in Glasgow, also known as COP26, is just a few weeks away and will be the most important issue, according to Climate Finance Minister Per Poland (MP). $ 100 billion a year between 2020 and 2024 has already been pledged for green change in low-income countries.

The most important thing before COP26 is that we, the richest countries in the world, are actually reaching the $ 100 billion climate assistance already promised in Copenhagen in 2009, the Minister of Environment and Climate Chancellor told Europortal.

At the same time, it is unclear what contributes to the UN’s 39 high-income countries. EU Finance Ministers Requested Therefore, on Tuesday, the Commission will review and report on the contributions of each EU member state. The list must be submitted before the start of the climate meeting on November 1st.

The EU is the largest donor overall, paying only $ 25 billion of the nearly $ 80 billion disbursed in 2019. So far, the $ 100 billion target for 2021 has not been reached, but those with the highest ambitions around the world are likely to change.

Per Poland, who attended the UN preparatory meeting last week, says he will enjoy more positive tones only after the US doubles its climate fund to $ 11 billion and the EU pledges another $ 5 billion. Sweden’s target will be raised from 850 to about 960 million dollars by 2050.

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According to Bolt, Sweden’s personal climate funding is higher than the EU average. According to the Minister, the United Kingdom, the country holding the presidency in COP26, appeared to be satisfied with the increased involvement in Sweden last week.

– The British were very pleased that we came with that ambitious increase. It puts pressure on others to make big efforts, says Per Bolt.