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Zuckerberg: 3D Blair Internet |

Zuckerberg: 3D Blair Internet |

Another advantage of the metaverse concept is that your avatar can travel anywhere on the Internet. So you don’t need to create a new one when moving from Facebook to Microsoft or Fortnite.

Facebook wants to make money from digital clothing

If some kind of internet becomes a reality, a new economy will emerge at the same time.

Today, Facebook earns almost all of the billions from ads. But that’s not what Mark Zuckerberg thinks will be the biggest source of income in the future of Metaverse.

On the other hand, the Facebook founder believes that digital goods will be “huge” and cites, among other things, the digital clothes you buy for your avatar, as an example. But it could just as easily be a digital Porsche.

Because in the metaverse, users are digital representatives of themselves. And whether you go to work, to the gym, or to a party in the digital metaverse, people will want to show who they are – just like in the physical world.

Will it become real?

The big question, of course, is whether the metaverse will ever become a reality?

The future is rarely what we imagine, and Mark Zuckerberg’s or Microsoft’s vision of a 3D Internet is far from certain.

But I don’t think there is much doubt that the growing mix of the digital and physical worlds is the title of the next digital age.

It still required a technical breakthrough, however, before digital glasses could become very good and cheap enough to be bought by the masses – and lightweight and simple enough to be comfortable to wear for several hours at a time.

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So take it easy and wait for your home sale to move permanently into the metaverse. Neither virtual reality, nor self-driving cars, nor real artificial intelligence have become any major revolutions that the world’s “digital priests” should predict.