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Valheim sold 8 million, Biomutant became profitable in one week

Valheim sold 8 million, Biomutant became profitable in one week

Embracer owner has 180 (!) games in development.

Swedish gaming giant Embracer released its latest quarterly report this morning, and regarding that, some news waned.

let’s start with WalheimSkövde’s salt-bearded Viking success, has now sold at 8 million copies. the States Company employee Martin Lindell. The game was released at the beginning of the year, and although a million clips are now coming in at a lower rate than before, it’s clear that it’s still selling well. To put the number in context: The Sims 3 Estimated to sell 7 million Civilization V 8 million according to Source references on Wikipedia.

Also advanced Swedish Biomutant All goes well. The game has sold just over a million copies since its premiere in May. And it sold out so quickly that the costs of developing, marketing, and buying the developer and brand were covered in just one week, according to the report.

Embracer had a good first accounting quarter (April-June). Net income grew 66 percent to just over SEK 3.4 billion compared to the same period last year. Games accounted for 83% of that.

The company, which sells game studios at a hysterical pace, now has 180 (yes, one hundred and eighty!) games in development. It has 7,886 employees (98 percent more than the same period last year), of whom 6,387 work in game development (a 101 percent increase).

“What news for Embracer is not related to the company’s acquisitions?!” Do you think. Yes, shortly after the quarterly report was released, they announced that they had bought three more studios. why not.

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