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Qualcomm offers a 5G platform for drones.  For future drones

Qualcomm offers a 5G platform for drones. For future drones

Qualcomm has unveiled its latest 5G Platform, the Flight RB5 5G Platform, for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

With the Flight RB5 5G platform, it will be possible to communicate with the drones via both 5G and wifi-6. It may be interesting if you want to transmit large amounts of data from the drone when it is in the air or, for example, to coordinate drone swarms. The Qualcomm platform also has the ability to control up to seven cameras simultaneously.

Regarding the introduction of the Flight RB5 5G platform, Qualcomm also released the “Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform Drone Reference Design” drone which can be seen in the image above. It is intended as a reference design for those who wish to develop drones or systems for those using Qualcomm’s Flight RB5 5G platform.

Qualcomm’s reference drone is equipped with the Qualcomm Spectra 480 Image Signal processor, which supports 200MP image capture and 8K shooting at 30fps or 4K at 120fps. The Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform UAV reference design costs $4,000 and can be pre-ordered now.

In the clip below, you’ll find a few things that Qualcomm thinks their new drone platform could fit in well.

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