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Volodymyr Zelenskyj i Folkets tjänare 2

Zelensky as president on protest April 1, 2022 – P1 Culture

Before Literature Week – Meet the “tired school students”

Five childhood friends in their twenties participate in deciding who will win this year’s Swedish radio novel award. Our reporter Felicia Frithoff joined the department meeting.

Is the car man’s best friend?

Today, the Japanese movie “Driving My Car” was shown for the first time. The red Saab plays one of the main roles, and in her review, cultural editorial critic Emma Engstrom compares the film’s experience to sitting in the passenger seat during a long flight. We discuss cars on film at P1 Kultur.

The classic about Monica Fajrholmes Diva

Published in 1998, Diva’s novel was set in the mid-1970s and was about a “utopian” 13-year-old girl, as brave and beautiful as she was well-written. Her name is Diva and she wants to live alone, not to quote others. The book hit Hedvig Whipple, then in her late teens, with full force. So she had to find the writer in Ekinas, Finland with her questions and an old phonetic dictation in the company.

Fredrik Nyberg has been nominated for the Lyric Prize

During the week, all poetry collections nominated for the Swedish Radio Poetry Prize will be presented. Today you hear Friedrich Nyberg reading from the “Wreck” collection of poems.

Host: Måns Hirschfeldt
Producer: Martin Arndtzen

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