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Right now: Putin's new nuclear scandal - which threatens Britain

Right now: Putin’s new nuclear scandal – which threatens Britain

Right now: Putin’s new nuclear scandal – which threatens Britain

One of Putin’s biggest friends, journalist and news director, Dmitry Kiselyov, warned Britain that the Kremlin could destroy the country with a single nuclear robot.

Dmitry Kiselyov stated on Russian state television that Russia has the ability to defeat Britain with a single nuclear robot that can “lower Britain once and for all”, Sky News reports.

Placed nuclear weapons

Moreover, Kiselyov claims that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has deployed Russia’s nuclear weapons forces on combat alert after Johnson’s alleged statement about a “retaliatory attack on Russia,” according to Sky News.

The pro-Kremlin journalist continued his reasoning:

– In general, it seems that in the UK they are confused. Why does Greater Russia threaten with nuclear weapons when it is just a small island?

keep joking

Kislev went on to mock Britain by saying that “the country is so small that a single Sarmat robot is enough to flood the island once and for all.”

“There is no longer a single shooting from Boris and England,” Dmitry Kiselyov was quoted by Sky News as saying.

During the television broadcast, Kislev was also said to have shared a movie with computer-generated graphics showing how to launch a Russian robot against Great Britain.

put it in spin doctor

Dmitry Kiselyov is the head of the state news agency “Russia Segodnya”. He is known for his friendly attitude towards the Russian dictator, and was named one of Putin’s “recycling doctors”.


He has previously introduced himself with his angry comments against Sweden and Swedish children’s programmes. He criticized the SVT’s “Kiss and Poop” children’s program in 2013 in an attempt to stifle the pro-Western Ukrainian opposition.

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“This exemplifies the kind of Western decadence that awaits Ukraine if it joins the European Union,” he said at the time.

Photo: Head of the Russia office

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