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YouTube short films released in Sweden

YouTube short films released in Sweden

On Wednesday, July 14, the beta version of Youtube Shorts will be launched where users can post short videos from their mobile phones. Although there were short films before, now the so-called shorts tool has been launched with which the user can, among other things, combine videos, record with music and adjust the speed of the film.

It will also be possible to use sounds from other shorts, allowing users a personal touch on other users’ materials. However, the filmmakers will have control over their own material and may choose not to make the material available for use in other short films. More than 250 record companies and publishers will play music available for use in the shorts.

While short films are now being offered in more markets, including the Swedish one, Youtube is also launching new features, which include adding different forms of text, recording up to a minute using the shorts cam, adding other clips available on mobile and using filters .

Youtube Short will be integrated into the existing Youtube interface and allow viewers to mix shorts creations with regular video sequences. This is also the reason why Youtube had already introduced shorts in a new place on the Youtube website even before the shorts tool itself was released.

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