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FIFA 22 for PC will be based on the "old generation" version (this year too)

FIFA 22 for PC will be based on the “old generation” version (this year too)

Thus, the “Hypermotion” technology is lost.

It was unveiled yesterday FIFA 22. It happened on the same night as the European Championship final between England and Italy was no coincidence, and you can see the first trailer above. This year’s variant comes with Leading Hypermotion Technology Which in pure Swedish means machine learning associated with 11v11 motion capture. As promised, this will improve how players move during matches.

Hypermotion creates new animations in real time to serve us realistic football. potentially cold.

Definitely a PC disappointment. The technology will be available across PS5, Xbox Series, and Stadia. So you lose the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and, yes, PC Hypermotion. Repetitive PC gamers probably weren’t surprised by this last year FIFA 21 For a computer built on the “Old General”. However, the disappointment is obvious and can be read by example reddit. The EA’s excuse is that they want to keep the system requirements low.

When we looked at the generation in which we put the PC game, we looked at our fans and the possibilities they have with the hardware they have.

This is Aaron McHardy, Executive Producer, explains Eurogamer. EA wants to include everyone, so it chooses to exclude Hypermotion which can be a huge boost FIFAa series.

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