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AMD FSR upgrade technology is integrated into Unreal Engine

AMD FSR upgrade technology is integrated into Unreal Engine

Over the summer, AMD launched its Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) upgrade technology, which is the company’s alternative to Nvidia’s Deep-Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). Unlike the above from Nvidia, FSR requires neither machine learning nor hardware specific features, but is based on an upgrade algorithm that runs on the graphics circuit Shaderdevices.

Moreover, AMD’s FSR should in theory work on all graphics card solutions regardless of manufacturer and be easy to implement in games, unlike Nvidia’s DLSS which requires a special hand position for each game. Game developers have already implemented the technology in many games and clever designers have taken it to virtual reality games, among other things. Now Epic Games is continuing to implement FSR in the Unreal Engine 4.

  • Superior Quality – Produces a quality image virtually indistinguishable from the original display. It should be selected when the highest quality is desired. At the recommended settings, it displays images at 77% of the screen resolution.

  • Quality – To produce an image that has been upgraded using a quality actor for the original display, with significant performance gains. At recommended settings, it displays images at 67% of the screen resolution.

  • Balanced – Produces an upgraded image that approximates the original display quality, with a significant increase in performance compared to the original image. At recommended settings, it displays images at 59% of the screen resolution.

  • Performance – This obviously affects image quality and should only be chosen when the need for additional performance is critical. At recommended settings, it displays images at 50% of the screen resolution.

The new Unreal Engine 4 plug-in offers four different preset modes. As usual, there are four levels that balance in different ways between image quality and performance. AMD also states that game developers can choose to use FSR in Unreal Engine 4 in conjunction with Temporal Anti-Aliasing with Upscaling (TAAU), or another temporal upscaling technology. In such a scenario, the temporal rise is the primary algorithm and FSR is the secondary algorithm, similar to the method used by studio Illfonic Do with Arcadegeddon.

AMD FSR will be available as a plug-in for Unreal Engine 4.271.1 version 4. When the addition to the more recent Unreal Engine 5 is not yet known.

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