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You have to make people “angry”

You have to make people “angry”

For weeks, activists from Britain’s climate group Insulate have been blocking car traffic across the UK with their own bodies.

Over the weekend, activists took to a motorway in Essex outside London and headed for car traffic. In the past, the group has disrupted car traffic on other major roads around London.

Greta Thunberg is in Glasgow to attend the COP 26 climate conference.

“Never been bigger otherwise”

Creta Dunberg cites as an example the “Fridays for the Future” movement in which school strikes caused some friction, as she puts it.

– The school strike movement would not have become so large if it were not for friction and some people would not have been cursed.

In addition, he says, people living in countries that are more likely to organize and demonstrate have more responsibility than people living in countries where retaliation for protests is more severe.

“It really makes us feel grateful to have had the opportunity to protest, which means we have a greater responsibility to exercise that right,” Greta Dunberg told the BBC’s Andrew Marr.

Here, the climate activist refuses to get off the plane:

Here the woman refuses to leave the plane
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