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Eight national teams have been trying long distances for the 2023 World Cup

Eight national teams have been trying long distances for the 2023 World Cup


Men’s national teams across Europe spend a few days in international competitions and intricate activities ahead of the European Championships in January. The exceptions are the nations that are out of the championship – instead of starting the pre-World Cup qualifiers next year.

The 16 national teams will be eight teams in the first qualifying round. Half of them are active in the only national team week of the fall.

The qualifying format is simple, with four groups of four in each, but tricky at the same time. The three teams run a short set and decide all the matches in one place. Belgium is in Group 1. Greece, Kosovo and Turkey are both settling in and out of the country, setting aside time for two fights in early November.

Finland, Estonia, Georgia and the United Kingdom meet in Wanda. Thus, Ola Lindgreen’s national team has the advantage of owning the weekend home.

– It will be tough in three matches in three days, but it will be the same for all teams. Tough competition will create tempo hardness. He tells that it will be a difficult test to see if our body can handle it.

WC 2023 is scheduled with finals in Stockholm, Sweden and Poland.

Qualified groups
Group 1
Belgium, Greece, Kosovo & Turkey
Group 2
Finland, Estonia, Georgia & Great Britain
Group 3 *
Romania, Israel, Cyprus & Moldova
Group 4 *
Islands of Latvia, Italy, Luxembourg & Faroe Islands

* Eligibility in January

More about the game schedule and layout in Eurohandball >>

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