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"You can't pick and choose" - the British consider Megan and Harry's decision to step aside |  Foreigner

“You can’t pick and choose” – the British consider Megan and Harry’s decision to step aside | Foreigner

Controversy rages on in Britain as the monarchy tries to find a solution for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan who wish to lead a more independent life.

Alexia Barrett was surprised to hear of the Prince and Princess decision.

Her family has also discussed why this is happening. Her mother believes the decision is due to the racism that Megan suffered from.

The tape thinks it’s a little more accurate than that. She wonders if Megan isn’t ready to become a royal – as part of the monarchy, you get scrutinized much more intensely than you are an actress. Barrett believes that there were also other factors that affected the situation.

Maybe making it more sensitive for her being American.

Nice to be represented by the Queen

Alexia Barrett supports the royal family.

I think it’s good for people to think of the Queen when they think of our country, she says.

In addition to serving as a public relations machine for Britain, the monarchy is also entertaining.

– To me, they feel like a reality show, but they’re much more elegant, Barrett laughs.

She contemplates the Prince and Princess wanting to spend more time in Canada.

The couple recently renovated their home in England using public funds. To Barrett, it feels like a waste of tax money and wish they had at least stayed in the UK.

The property appears to be old fashioned

Alice Roberts and Scott Bliss both feel sorry for Prince Harry. Both believed that the media had a role in making the decision.

I think it’s unfortunate that the initial positivity turns out to be a very negative thing, says Bliss.

Roberts thinks the monarchy is perfectly fine. She loves to skip Buckingham Palace during her visits to London, but other than that she doesn’t get involved with the royal family.

This may indicate what role the monarchy should play in the futureScott Bliss

Boyfriend Place, on the other hand, is more hesitant about the monarchy.

– It looks like an old-fashioned establishment, he says.

He explains that he does not condemn the royal family but wishes that they would develop further over time.

To him, Prince Harry and Prince William are two people who can bring about change and push the monarchy forward.

This could clarify the role that the monarchy should play in the future.

On Monday, the Queen had a meeting with Prince Harry. After the meeting, she announced that she respected the decision of the spouses.

As for Place, it still didn’t seem like the biggest event of the day.

Even before the meeting took place, Harry and William chose to come out and deny their disagreement. I think it is much bigger than that.

Roberts agrees. She believes that both Harry and William tried to live as good citizens by engaging in philanthropy and serving in the military.

Being able to deal with media is important

Stephen Bates, who served as a royal correspondent at The Guardian newspaper For several years, I don’t think it’s entirely fair that Meghan and Harry blame the British press.

There was an assault on the couple from some, but not all, sources of the press.

William has dealt with the media much better than his brother, Betts says.

Instead, Harry was anti-press.

I think the media was largely tolerant of him.

As a former actress, Megan should be used in media coverage, he points out.

Bates thinks there is some racism, but he also wonders if there is a little bit of arrogance.

Giving up in the middle of a successful career may be more difficult than you thought.

The guy in blue shirt looks smart.

Stephen Bates has worked as a royal correspondent for many years in the United Kingdom.
The guy in blue shirt looks smart.
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The royal family of Great Britain, Great Britain, Kings

“You can’t pick and choose”

Harry and Meghan said in their letter that they still wanted to work for the Queen. This could mean that they want to make their own money while still being members of the royal family.

Harry and Meghan have their own financial means, but is that enough for the lifestyle they’re used to?Stephen Bates

Stephen Bates believes their decision is ill-considered.

– You cannot choose and reject the royal assignments you want to participate in.

Their decision to settle in Canada also makes it more difficult. Bates thinks logistics and finance will be the most difficult to resolve.

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Harry and Meghan have financial potential of their own, but is that enough for the lifestyle they’re used to?

Being royal means rules

Bob Morris is currently conducting research on property at University College London. It’s in the same row as Bates.

It is not clear if they want to stop being ownership or how dependent they are on commercial activities.

A member of the royal family must not use his status in commercial activities.

Instead, one must act to support the queen. Therefore, there are restrictions for everyone, but in return they are well taken care of.

So Harry and Meghan’s decision to back off is a complicated step.

Happy old man in a red jacket and collar shirt.

Bob Morris looking at the monarchy.
Happy old man in a red jacket and collar shirt.
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The royal family of Great Britain, Great Britain, Kings

Morris doesn’t think the royal family wants the couple expelled. The announcement of the meeting on Monday attests to this.

In a few days, we’ll learn more about how you should go in practice. It will not be easy to find a solution.

I don’t think they can lead a commercial life and keep their royal positions, says Morris.