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Smaka på Trollhättan

Taste Trollhättan offers a virtual restaurant

From May 21 to 22, Taste is organized in Trollhättan – the first food festival in Europe in a hybrid format. In the program there is the world’s first completely virtual restaurant, supervised by a chef in Trollhättan – and a world record attempt!

sReset instead of set

The Taste of Trollhättan is arranged by City Trollhättan, the City of Trollhättan and Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg, with the support of experience agency Herr Omar and the Tourism Board of Western Sweden.

The event was supposed to take place already last spring, but then the epidemic stopped. In 2021, it is reset instead of being reset.

It is a pleasure for us at the Tourist Board to share and support the Taste of Trollhättan. Organizers show that through creativity and collaboration, you can enhance the enjoyment of local food also digitally. We’ve worked with local food as a reason to travel for many years, and events are an important part of that business. Taste Trollhättan is a great example of how to think in a new way in special times. “ says Jill Axelson Pabst, Food Tourism Project Manager, Turistrådet Västsverige.

FFor participants on site and at a distance

The festival begins with a cooking competition where Master Chef Trollhättan will be crowned by a professional jury. After that, there will be talks about food, cooking songs, and other inspirations from the digital studio.

You can also buy home-cooked food or prepared food from the city’s restaurants.

We are investing in a festival designed for participants both on-site and remotely. It’s great to participate in all the activities from home and some can also participate from somewhere else. “ Visit Trollhättan Wienersburg, says Maria Engstrom Weber, CEO.

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FifthThe world’s first fully virtual restaurant

On Saturday, a gala dinner is arranged where you can enjoy a specially crafted tasting menu in the world’s first fully virtual restaurant, where you can reserve a table for up to ten people to eat and socialize in the video conference room. Before each new dish, the chef comes to serve you food and entertain you.

The program ends with what is called after the festival. Here, visitors can sample local music, culture, and other live entertainment. One feature will be the Jerusalem Dance Challenge where they hope to break the previous world record of 700 people performing a virtual flash mob.

Read more about the delicious event here.

  • text: Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg
  • Photo: Trollhättan, Trollhättan, and Trollhättan Wienersburg