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Worried about your health?  Here are 5 tips to feel a little better

Worried about your health? Here are 5 tips to feel a little better

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It is common for us to worry about one’s health, and there are many aspects that come into play when it comes to our well-being. By exercising, eating regularly, and getting fresh air every day, you can feel more energetic. Here are five tips on how to feel a little better today.

1. Take short breaks

Life often goes by so quickly that many people feel stressed. It’s easier said than done to stop and take a few deep breaths. One tip is to set an alarm on your mobile phone so you remember to take small breaks during the work day.

2. Get healthy, fresh air – indoors

When the cold grips our extended country, many people like to stay indoors. Did you know that indoor air can be more dangerous than outdoor air? Through inadequate ventilation, wood burning and gases from furniture, for example, indoor air can pose a health risk. With the help of a completely new type of air purifier, you can have fresher and cleaner air at home. Johan Lundberg, founder of Ozoneair Purify, explains how to do it.

-Traditional air cleaners only pick up dust, like large vacuum cleaners. They mask and transmit bad air, rather than actually destroying health-hazardous particles. Ozoneair Purify, on the other hand, has groundbreaking technology that destroys pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what traditional air purifiers can capture.

3. Exercise more

By moving regularly, you can reduce your risk of developing a variety of diseases and ailments. When you move and exercise, you can also reduce pain and stiffness in the body and thus feel better physically and mentally. Movement does not have to be limited to lifting heavy objects or running long distances. Play a good song, get up and dance. Release the tension in your body and let your heart work.

4. Keep the house clean

Having a clean, fresh home can have a positive impact on health. Polluted air can lead to many different physical diseases. The Purify air purifier can use its innovative technology to clean the air at home, a method previously only used in hospitals. Thanks to ozone and ultraviolet rays, not only does the air become healthier, but surfaces are also cleaned of bacteria.

5. Replenish yourself with the right energy regularly

It has long been known that eating nutritious and regular food has a positive effect on our health. Sometimes, all you need is a simple reminder of how important it is to distribute your energy intake throughout the day. The tip is to bring snacks in your bag so you don’t take too long between meals.

This is how Purify cleans your indoor air

Ozoneair Purify cleans the air in your home in several different ways. That’s how things go.

inside It captures and removes the smallest particles using UV technology.

the outside Oxyplasma spreads and cleans rooms and surfaces that regular air purifiers cannot handle.

results The entire space is treated and gives you fresh, clean and fresh air to breathe.

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Purification facts

The air purifiers were developed in collaboration with researchers from Luleå University of Technology. The machine cleans the indoor air using oxyplasma technology, a similar technology used in hospitals to clean operating rooms.