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The red thread of this year’s Research Day: Common diseases

The red thread of this year’s Research Day: Common diseases

Slides containing freshly stained sections of breast cancer which, after mounting a coverslip, are ready for analysis by a pathologist. Photo: Paul Björkman, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

cooperation. Research that saves lives – from screening to rehabilitation. This is the topic of the next edition of the Research Day, which will be organized on February 1, 2024. “We have chosen broad and common diseases, which could be of interest to many,” says Peter Geertsson, Chairman of the Program Committee.

Current research in the field of breast cancer, prostate cancer, stroke and thyroid diseases are some of the points that will be highlighted at the next edition of Research Day, a joint arrangement between Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Sahlgrenska Academy.

– The common thread this year is common and common diseases. We want to attract many people and showcase the outstanding clinical research we conduct together in these areas, says Peter Geertsson, who represents Sahlgrenska University Hospital on the Research Day program committee.

Strengthening cooperation between the hospital and the academy
The research day is aimed at staff at both Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Sahlgrenska Academy. Staff are also welcome in the Västra Götaland area. This arrangement will showcase and enhance close collaboration between academia and the hospital, and make research available to all interested staff.
Today: Thursday, February 1, 2024
Time: 8-16:30
Location: Digital + Conference Center Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20A
Registration required: Register here
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The program will highlight everything from screening for common diseases to the rehabilitation phase. One area of ​​outstanding research being conducted at Gothenburg is prostate cancer, which is presented under ‘Lessons learned from 30 years of prostate cancer screening’.

– We are definitely at the forefront there. Peter Geertsson says that the symposium will be led by Professor and Chief Medical Officer Jonas Hugosson, who is responsible for a study that had a huge impact.

In what way will rehabilitation be highlighted in the program?

Peter Gertson. Photo: Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

– You will hear more about it at the symposium on stroke, where, among other things, the physiotherapist will present his research, he says.

The last symposium of the day is dedicated to research in psychiatry, entitled “Bipolar Syndrome – Better Care Requires Interdisciplinary Research”.

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– We would like to show this research. Bipolar syndrome is not a widespread general illness, but it is still common in society. Peter Geertson says this year’s Research Day will be a very good opportunity to learn more about the extensive and cutting-edge experience we have together in clinical research.

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