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World Cup Final replay – Sweden is knocked out of Norway

World Cup Final replay – Sweden is knocked out of Norway

After several competitions were canceled due to bad weather, Swiss Lenzerheide today offered sunny and clear weather when it was time for mass gatherings.

The branch captured by Sweden Amazing silver During the World Cup. And this time it was Norway once again that ended the Swedish celebrations.

Norway beat Sweden in the semifinals and in the so-called junior final, it lost to Austria.

– We made a good effort, he is strong from us. But that just wasn’t true to me today. It’s a little annoying, otherwise we’d probably be at the awards ceremony, Sarah Hector tells SVT Sport.

Running out of resolution

Sweden and Great Britain were the only teams that needed to qualify to reach the quarter-finals.

Sweden won the qualifiers 3–1 and advanced to the quarter-finals against Switzerland. Things were getting messy before the last confrontation between Christopher Jacobsen and Simille Besig, when Switzerland went 2-1 up. Bissig started the race better but not far from the end, the Swiss branched out and Jacobsen snatched the victory.

Norway then defeated the United States and thus became Sweden’s opponent in the semi-finals. Just like in the World Cup Final, the neighbors in the West are even more fierce today.

Mistakes in the final junior

Sweden got off to a rocky start. Moa Boström Müssener just couldn’t keep up with the Norwegian pace and ended up at 93 percent. But Christopher Jacobsen equalized immediately when he pulled away from Sebastian Voss Solivoj early and with steady leadership kept the lead until the end.

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– Creel was really fast today so I thought I could give him the win because I knew I had fast teammates, says Sebastian Voss Solvej for SVT Sport

“Sad that we run paths like this.”

Sarah Hector pursued another win despite a bad start. But at the last torch, Lev Christian Nystfold Hogan was faster than Matthias Rönningren and overcame Sweden.

– I did my best today, it was a good ride. It’s tough on tracks, it’s a bit sad that we have paths like this one that turn. Rönngren tells SVT Sport that it’s hard to end up on the wrong track.

In the small final, there were quite a few mistakes as Sarah Hector and Matthias Rönningeren made mistakes and Austria finished third.

Norway won the final match over Germany.