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New restrictions from March 1

New restrictions from March 1

Maintain your distance and avoid contact with others. This is how the essence of the Corona Council can be summed up in reality.

But there are also a number of specific advice – and laws that regulate what we can do. On March 1, the rules for restaurants will be tightened, among other things.

In some regions, there are also more stringent requirements. You can read about what applies in your own area

Then the restaurant must be closed

All restaurants and restaurants must be closed no later than 20.30. This also applies to those who do not serve alcohol.

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In the past, there was an alcohol stop after eight in the evening. From March 1, all restaurants and other restaurants must close at 20.30. However, it is okay to continue cooking to receive after that time.

Eat alone in restaurants in malls

Restaurants in malls and malls may only serve one person per party.

picture: Johan Nelson / TT / TT

From March 1, new rules are applied to restaurants located in the so-called shopping center, that is, shopping centers and malls. Here, restaurants are now allowed to only serve one person per party – so you can go there and eat alone. However, children and other “people in need of support” are exempt from the rule.

Trains and buses should be half empty

Only half of the seats can be filled on train and bus trips over 150 kilometers.


The rule of thumb is: Do not travel unless it is possible for you to become infected. There are no general advice for traveling within the country, but if you cannot maintain your distance during the trip and at the destination, you should stay home.

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Buses and trains over 150 km in length can only be half full.

Public transportation in general should be avoided. During rush hour, that is, weekdays 7-9 and 16-18, you should use mouthguards in accordance with national recommendations.

Many regions, including Stockholm, have gone further and have always recommended the use of mouthguards on public transport, among other things. You can read more about what applies in your area at //

At least ten square meters per person in the store

All stores must ensure that each visitor has a minimum of ten square meters to move around.

picture: Johan Nelson / TT / TT

Gyms and sports facilities, not the least of which are shops, must ensure that the number of visitors does not exceed that each person obtains at least ten square meters. Signs must be placed indicating the number of persons permitted in the room.

County boards are responsible for ensuring that all actors follow the rules.

Stop exercising

No football matches should be held – nor do other below-elite sports competitions.

picture: Eric Simander

Below the elite level, it has now been completed for some time to come. The exception that existed for babies born in 2005 and onwards has been removed.

The government said gyms and gyms run by municipalities and regions should be kept closed.

For privately owned training facilities, the same rules apply to stores. At least ten square meters per person.

How many may meet?

We have to wait for the concerts. A maximum of eight people may gather for public events.

picture: Jonas Lindstedt News Agency / TT / TT

Whether it is a concert, demonstration or party in the building, you can gather up to 8 people. Funerals are excluded and can have a maximum of 20 participants.

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In fact, up to 300 people are allowed at cultural and sporting events, if there is a seated audience and certain special rules are followed. But all county boards can choose to set the minimum – and they all have a limit of eight.

To travel to Sweden

Swedes who return home from a trip abroad are encouraged to get tested for the Coronavirus.

picture: Claudio Briciani News Agency / TT / TT

Travelers from countries outside the European Union are not permitted to enter Sweden.

And those who want to travel to Sweden must be able to show a negative covid test with a maximum of two days.

The borders with Great Britain, Denmark and Norway are closed.

All this except for Swedish citizens, who, however, are advised to undergo a coronavirus test and quarantine after entering.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry advises against traveling to Norway. You should also avoid unnecessary travel to countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Schengen.

Distance learning is good in schools

During the pandemic, many students have had to get used to studying at home. This could last longer.

picture: Niels Jacobson / Bildbeiron

Schools may be open, but of course students and teachers with symptoms of the disease should stay home. Both secondary and high schools may conduct distance education if required.

There are a lot of local variations here. Among other things, many regions have chosen to offer distance education after vacation sports, in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Stay home if you are sick – and keep your distance

Do you have symptoms? Take the corona test!

picture: Johan Nelson / TT / TT

The basic recommendations are the same since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Stay home to look for symptoms, avoid meeting people other than those you live with, and keep your distance from everyone you meet.

It is also recommended to work from home as much as possible.

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