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Where is the plan to celebrate the National Day?

Where is the plan to celebrate the National Day?

President Joe Biden spoke about the pandemic. The goal is to be able to celebrate National Day on July 4th with your loved ones, that was his message.

Sweden also needs such a goal. To motivate people to plan the summer, to be able to persevere during the spring, to maintain optimism. To bring back the economy in compressed industries.

It now turns out that Astra Zeneca doesn’t deliver as many doses as agreed. Similar problems exist with other manufacturers. It is ominous.

Unfortunately, the Swedish government has taken a relaxed stance when it comes to vaccination. The position is that we can only get the doses that are given to us by EU purchases. When someone asks about the Russian Sputnik vaccine, which has shown so well in studies and practical use, the government’s answer is that it cannot be purchased because it has not been approved. But the vaccines used today in Sweden were purchased before approval.

In general, the government has handled vaccine supplies clumsily.

The government has repeatedly claimed that Sweden would have revoked priority if it had acted alone. But you cannot find out. Israel, Britain, and the United States have advanced further than the European Union.

Despite the fact that the vaccination is slower than expected, an increasing number of the population is protected. Along with everyone who has antibodies after undergoing the infection, there will be a large proportion of the Swedish people. More than 70 people have stayed away in Sweden for a year now, and they need to meet friends, children and grandchildren. The message to them should be that once they get their vaccine, they can look forward to a summer of socialization and activities.

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Sweden will probably be able to have a more offensive plan and a more optimistic message. The Swedish people, just like Americans, should be able to look forward to celebrating the National Day. Perhaps with the same reservations the President is talking about – with those close to him, in the open air. This should be Leuven’s goal as much as Biden’s.

Here we have a vision for Sweden, our residents and our business community, so we can finally spend time with family and friends. June 6. And that it will be a celebration where you can greet your elbow, but touch each other with your heart.