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Review: Nomadland with Frances McDormand by Chloe Chow – Culturenet in P1

Review: Nomadland with Frances McDormand by Chloe Chow – Culturenet in P1

title: Bedouin
Director: Chloe Chow
the hands. Chloe Chow after reportage book by Jessica Broder
Cast: Frances McDormand, David Strathearn. Linda May, Swanky, and Bob Wells as fictional versions of themselves and others.
Type: drama
Rank: 4 out of 5

Nomadland is a catastrophic movie. Frances McDormand Verne feels lonely as the little robot Wall-E in his landfill in the movie Pixar. It is a desolate world after the Great Crash. Her husband died, everything in the house was emptied, and the small community empire they lived in emptied of people after the factory closed. What she left was a floral porcelain factory, her jeans and her car.

The landscape is gorgeous, the photo is gorgeous, Chinese-born filmmaker Chloe Zhao said she and the photographer only photographed certain times of the day, when the light fell on the mountains and grasslands. The effect is the feeling of returning nature and the smallness of man.

Frances McDormand’s hair is gray and short-mouse, both a woman and a man fighting the elements. Hunger, cold and poverty. She lies in the darkness of the semi-opaque car, shivering under a blanket of wool. But he still communicated with other people, served a cup of instant coffee from a thermos, and danced with a handsome man. For me, Nomadland describes the primordial struggle for survival, a struggle that actually occurs in every waking minute, but which many of us have forgotten. Nomadland reminds of biblical austerity and beauty that the struggle continues. Look.

“Nomadland” will premiere on 3/26-2021 and will be released for broadcast on Disney + 4/30-2021.

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