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You can install Windows on old computers.  You can only do it manually

You can install Windows on old computers. You can only do it manually

Over the summer, Microsoft released a small tool that tested your PC to see if it was ready for Windows 11. Then many noticed that their PC didn’t pass the test and wondered how relatively new PCs could not pass the test. this operating system.

However, Microsoft was quick to say that it would review the requirements, which they have now done. The minimum requirements for Windows 11 have now been lowered slightly, including allowing some 7th generation Intel processors such as the Intel Core X series, Xeon W series, and Intel Core 7820HQ. You can find a complete list of processors supported by Windows 11 Here.

But even if your PC doesn’t meet the system requirements for an operating system, Microsoft has told The Verge that Microsoft won’t prevent PCs running outdated processors from installing Windows 11. Those PCs simply won’t be able to do so through an update program Windows official. . Instead, you need to download and install the Windows 11 ISO file by yourself. Microsoft also does not guarantee full compatibility or updates if you install Windows 11 yourself.

Microsoft has also released an updated version of the PC Health Check tool that checks whether or not your computer is ready for Windows 11 and what you need to do to get Windows 11 to run on it.

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