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Web TV: See the technology needed to take a selfie on Mars

Web TV: See the technology needed to take a selfie on Mars

In our article This is how he balances perseverance between a picture from Mars. “ We explained how NASA’s Mars robot images the planet with the correct color. How it works is a science in itself, but the robot has several tools for calibrating its optical instruments.

NASA also continues to share new adventures of perseverance. In a newly released photo from April 6, we see a Mars robot with the Ingenuity robot helicopter. The selfie was captured by the WATSON (wide-angle topographic sensor for operations and eNgineering), which is located at the far end of the robot’s arm in Perseverance.

The final avatar is generated from 62 individual photos stitched together after capturing in sequence. By fine-tuning the robot arm with sensor data and calibration, images can be taken from exactly the same place but with different angles. The result is an image of 112 megapixels.

It creates a jigsaw

In February of last year, another Mars robot, Curiosity, also photographed itself the same way, but at the same time it took still images with the second camera to show how the actual filming process went. In the sequence at the top of the article, you can see how this is done.

The principle of how persistence is similar, because Mars robots work the same way. The Curiosity selfie required 86 photos to be put together.

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