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Naughty Dog is said to be working on a PS5 remake of The Last of Us

Naughty Dog is said to be working on a PS5 remake of The Last of Us

Meanwhile, Days Gone team will refuse to do Days Gone 2.

Rumors go! Not unexpectedly, they came from Bloombergs Jason Schreyer (Possibly Behind the Pay Wall).

By 2020, Naughty Dog will take charge of one of them The last of usPlaystation 5 remake. Sony’s San Diego-based Visual Arts Service Group has been at the helm, but by 2020 Sony will have transferred the project to Naughty Dog – the developer behind The last of usToys. The Visual Arts Service Group initially wanted to make a remake of the original Uncharted, but this project must have been considered too expensive. Significantly newer The last of us He was a better candidate. At least that’s what Bloomberg says.

Moreover, the article claims that Days passed– Study Sony Bend pitchat 2 days passedSony has not received it. The original sold well, but the long development time and mixed reception put Sony back. The studio is said to have worked on a multiplayer project from Naughty Dog, as well as a new project Unknown Under the influence of the same naughty dog. The team must have felt anxious about becoming “Absorbs” By Naughty Dog. Bend will now be working on something new and unique, according to Schreyer.

The Bend developers feared they would be absorbed into Naughty Dog, and the studio leadership requested that they be taken out of the Uncharted project. They got their wish last month and are now working on a new game.

Jason Schreier claims that one of the concerns started burning at Playstation Studios when Sony was supposed to be so “obsessed” From making blockbuster films, they are no longer interested in creative venture.

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