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Wear OS could get a new generation every year

Wear OS could get a new generation every year

Google in cooperation with Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Wear OS for smartwatches has had an erratic presence when it comes to upgrading to new generations. But now there may be a change in this matter, according to the post 9to5Google. Samsung and Google's partnership with the operating system may result in a new generation emerging every year in the same way as many other mobile operating systems.

According to the information discovered, Samsung is actively working on the Exynos 5535 processor in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 to have support for what is called in the software code Wear OS 5 and to be based on Android 14. Here it is expected that the new operating system will be launched alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 series. It's expected to arrive this summer and later this fall on Google's Pixel Watch 3.

In the past, Wear OS was based on odd generations of Android — specifically Android 9, 11, and 13. And the fact that you've now chosen to jump straight to Android 14 is a sign that you can switch to annual upgrades instead. Another proof of this is that the leaker Mishal Rahman I detected references to Wear OS 6 based on Android 15, which in this case could launch in 2025.

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