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For Sale: Fiend Street/Park BMX 20.67″

For Sale: Fiend Street/Park BMX 20.67″

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BMX is really good!
It has never been driven hard, has never crashed significantly, and has barely crashed at all.
Well maintained and well built. attention! He worked as a bicycle mechanic for many years.
The frame is a Fiend that cost 4000 something a few years ago, and now measures 13.8″ – chainstay, 20.67″ – top tube that surrounds the entire street/park
The fork is somewhat united
The handlebars were imported from the USA a few years ago and are really nice!
something like that: Pretty much the same measurements and raw material
Mankin crank 2 pcs
The seat post is tall so you can raise it if you have a long way home (it can be raised and lowered, it's about two-thirds of the way down in the picture)
Steering stem snafu
United pedals are plastic
The Oddessy Hazard rear wheel, which I made myself, is a really nice wheel!
Front wheel salt
Saddle shadow plot
Dealing with United
New 2.4″ rear tire
Front frame We the people


prize: 3500 Swedish krona
Model year: 2018
boycott: Gutenberg
place: Gothenburg Curtidala
Published: 3 hours ago

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