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Vladimir Putin participates in the China Olympics

Personal invitation to the China Olympics

Port as a sports country.

But Russia will have diplomatic representation at the Games in China.

President Xi Jinping has invited his good friend Vladimir Putin.

Russia continues to enjoy its punishment even after refusing to share data from the anti-doping agency in Moscow, and is only allowed to send 300 athletes to the Olympics, after which it will be forced to compete under the neutral flag.

However, with the Olympics currently underway in Beijing, Russia is being welcomed by China.

As other major countries, such as the United States, Britain and Canada, consider the diplomatic boycott, China now declares that it wants to protect its good relations with Russia, and then President Vladimir Putin Received personal invitation to games.

They have said yes

In a statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said he considered President Xi Jinping a “good friend” of Vladimir Putin and expected Putin to accept the invitation and attend the February Games.

In the two years since Putin’s abstention, Putin has become the first world leader to visit China’s president.

– Zhao Legion says we are confident that both our countries will set new records in this Olympics. South China Morning Post.

Amanda Lind Nober

Earlier today, Swedish Sports Minister Amanda Lind (MP) said the Swedish government had not yet decided whether to participate in the Olympics, but that she did not want to go private.

SOK (Swedish Olympic Committee) President Mats Årjes has previously stated that boycotting the Games is not appropriate.

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– Neglect is not an issue for us. The Swedish Olympic team will compete in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, just as we did in other sports. This can only be changed by a decision of the United Nations or something like that. We are part of the basic global environment in which participation in the Olympics is, he said.