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Navalny's health is said to have improved

November 24: Night News | SVT News

When freelance photographer and photojournalist Pablo Torres visited an orphanage in the Yemeni city of Ups, something he was not ready for happened. When a mother is interviewed, her baby Azhar stops breathing.

– They examined the baby and found that little Azhar had died of malnutrition while we were there, Torres says.

Pablo Torres is a freelance photographer and photojournalist. As a freelance photographer, he was hired by the Dutch public service NOS to travel to Yemen to cover the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country. At that point, Torres met with several victims. Among them was Samar, a 10-year-old girl weighing seven kilos.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is best known for his lavish performances, but since then Talk to the employers’ organization, the CBI On Monday, a major storm of criticism erupted. Now SVT’s foreign correspondent Anna-Maja answers hot questions about Person Johnson’s confusing performance.

Johnson’s own party members are urging the prime minister to steer the ship back in the right direction after several setbacks over the past two weeks.

– I saw the speech myself in real time, and it was as if it had seen a decline, says Anna-Maja Persson, SVD’s foreign correspondent.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Med) in New York has returned to Nigeria three works of art that were stolen 124 years ago. Nigeria has been struggling to recover items looted during the colonial period.

It is made up of two 16th-century brass plates and a 14th-century brass head from the Kingdom of Benin in present-day Nigeria. Items were looted from the royal palace during the British occupation in 1897 and kept in the British Museum in London until 1950, after which Britain returned the artwork to Nigeria.

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