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Veq becomes an investment company for small start-ups

Veq becomes an investment company for small start-ups

Digital agency Vntrs and venture capital firm Alfvén & Didrikson are doing something together and creating a venture capital firm for early stage startups. “Over the next two years, we will invest SEK 100 million in about ten companies,” says Victor Gelstrom, investment manager.

The digital agency Vntrs, called Ventures, helps startups and pays through contributions to client companies. Over the years, they have created a portfolio of about twenty companies such as Ally, Findout Diagnostic, and Combify.

Now they have started investment firm Veq with venture capital firm Alfvén & Didrikson.

“Veq’s background is very much in the fact that we have seen how our portfolio companies are starting to mature and need to raise capital. What we have done before is give these opportunities to venture capital companies. Now we can take care of them ourselves,” says Victor Galstrom, co-founder of Vntrs .

The idea of ​​creating an investment company for such start-ups is somewhat unique, says Victor Galstrom, who together with his partner Maria Bergstein will form the investment team. Most commonly, venture capital funds, so-called venture capital funds, or business owner groups get involved.

As a classic investment company, Veq will not have an investment horizon. Since this is not a fund, the cash flow is going on. In addition to Alfvén & Didrikson, who are a significant portion of the capital, it shares a number of technology profiles as passive owners.

“It is better for companies and for us that we do not have a certain period of time. Over the next two years, we will invest about SEK 100 million in about a dozen companies and raise capital continuously,” continues Victor Gelstrom.

Vntr’s approach to helping businesses will be present, as Veq will be resourceful.

“All investors say they are ‘hands-on’, but often that means they sit on the board and act as the founders’ voice board. What we mean by ‘hands-on’ is that if a company needs a new dedicated back-end developer on Monday morning after a week of investing, we can Arrange it via sister company Vntrs,” explains Victor Galstrom.

The investment company is not sector specific, but it should be digital technology companies.

“We simply knew at the time. A normal e-commerce company does not suit us, nor does a hardware company that, for example, handle logistics. We focus on digital companies with software platforms. It is important for companies to leave a positive footprint. We also want to invest. In diverse teams. It is not necessarily about age or origin, the important thing is that the team has different experiences. We believe that this will lead to financial returns, and better decisions will be made afterwards.

Veq has a mandate to invest across Europe, but will initially focus on the Nordic and Baltic countries.

“This is partly due to the fact that at Vntrs we already have operations in these areas. Here we can provide adequate support and advice to companies that feel safe. But we are actually looking for a company in the UK now, with half of the team based in Stockholm.”

VEQ wants to support both companies from the existing network and companies they have not met before.

“You don’t have to have worked with Ventress before,” confirms Maria Bergstein.

What must contractors do to communicate with Veq?

“You go to our website and get in touch with us. We urge all entrepreneurs who need a “practical” investor who knows the technology to get in touch,” concludes Victor Gelstrom.

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