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A passenger plane from Great Britain landed in Sweden

A passenger plane from Great Britain landed in Sweden

Due to the new surge of coronavirus, there has been a ban on passenger transport from the UK to Sweden since December 21. However, 33 people who boarded the plane in London landed in Arlanda on Saturday morning.

It is forbidden to travel from Great Britain to Sweden, a government decision. We were taken to bed when we saw there were passengers on board. The Swedish Transport Agency will find out how this could happen, Patrick Engstrom told SvD.

Of the 33 passengers, 29 were Swedish nationals, and four were Finnish nationals who were to travel to Helsinki.

“contrary to the decision”

According to Mikael Andersen, press director at the Swedish Transport Agency, this is a misunderstanding and that British Airways misunderstood the Swedish authorities’ message. The airline should now have informed what applies.

– This is a flight that goes against the current flight ban that the government has decided to take. As it was described to me, the airline misunderstood information about the rules that currently apply to air traffic to Sweden. There is also a ban on entry, and the ban on entry and flight has been mixed.

informed the British

The Swedish Transport Agency has informed the British Civil Aviation Administration that British Airways has violated the Swedish flight ban.

– We have also been in contact with the Public Health Agency and reported what happened. Mikael Anderson says Sweden has also contacted local infection control.

It is possible to travel to Sweden – via Kastrup

Despite the ban, it is possible to travel from the UK to Sweden, with a stop at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. The airline SAS does not want to limit the number of people traveling this way to Sweden.

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– No, we do not have such numbers available. But a number of travelers travel this way, says Seil Beck, a spokeswoman for SAS.

Do you provide them with any private information due to travel bans in Denmark and the UK or the flight bans in place in the UK?

– no we did not. All countries have different rules during the COVID-19 pandemic and we urge all travelers to keep track of the authorities’ information for each destination.