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Expectations are high when G7 leaders meet

Expectations are high when G7 leaders meet

For several years, the G7 summits – comprising the US, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan – have been marked by high concerns about Trump’s volatile incidents and outbursts of anger.

But when the traditional beach group photo was taken at the meeting in Carbis Bay on Friday, there were plenty of relaxed smiles, elbow salutations, and the occasional backstabbing.

European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Council President Charles Michel were also invited.

– It feels so good to meet everyone this way. Our country must now make sure to rebuild – better, greener and fairer, said Boris Johnson as he welcomed others.

On the agenda is how the economy Stability will be achieved after last year’s turmoil, minimum taxation of multinational companies, how vaccination will be ensured for all the world’s population – and concrete measures against climate change.

Even before world leaders sat down, there was criticism that the proposal on the table for a billion doses of vaccine as a gift to poor countries might not be enough.

It remains to be seen what “concrete commitments” mean on the climate issue, as Joe Biden announced before the meeting. And the extent of resistance to the minimum tax for large corporations.

But with Joe Biden As President of the United States, expectations are higher than before.

The last time the G7 met in Biarritz was in 2019, only then the meeting resulted in a pledge of $20 million to extinguish the fires in the Amazon. Last year, the summit was canceled entirely – officially because of the pandemic, but also because others didn’t want to help Donald Trump in the election campaign.

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However, the epidemic is far from over, and much is at stake. In the UK, infection rates are rising due to the so-called delta variant of the virus, and the recovery is fragile.

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Royal trio. Kate, Camilla and Queen Elizabeth

Photo: Olly Scarf/AFP

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Queen Elizabeth.

Photo: Olly Scarf/AFP

Queen Elizabeth went to the meeting with her attendance on the opening day. In the evening, the 95-year-old, along with Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate, hosted a reception in the world’s largest greenhouse, Project Eden.

It was the first time the Queen had met Joe Biden – thus becoming the 13th US president she had met in the 69 years on the throne.

Next week, Biden will continue his tour of Europe with separate meetings with NATO, the European Union and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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