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Vaccinations raise Qmatic - many queues to deal with

Vaccinations raise Qmatic – many queues to deal with

Systems introduced by queue management company Qmatic in Altor’s Mölndal were discontinued when the pandemic closed community after community last year. After a vaccine is rolled out, there are many waiting lists to contend with.

In March of last year Qmatic has had its best month ever and the company has recently invested quite heavily in developing its systems.

“What happened after that, which I think many Swedes have a hard time understanding the scale of, is that large parts of the world shut down and then there was a slight pause in the flow,” says Robert Eckström, CEO of Qmatic about how the company was affected when The epidemic hit.

Qmatic has a business model based on monthly subscription revenue. Earnings are directly related to the number of queues handled. In a typical year, approximately 2 billion people pass through a company queue system worldwide. Therefore, the company immediately began looking at what services it could contribute based on the new requirements for social distancing.

“We have found opportunities in creating the conditions for our clients to manage their end-customer flows in a safe and efficient manner.”

In stores that cannot receive as many customers as possible at the same time, Qmatic, for example, has created solutions with time booking.

“In healthcare, we’ve been able to help by being able to wait outside hospitals and thus reduce crowding in waiting rooms.”

Company signature It has always been small queue cards that print at the press of a button, but the focus is increasingly turning to mobile queue cards. Then you can wait without pressing a button and you can also wait anywhere.

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Mass vaccinations were another business opportunity that arose for the company as a direct result of the pandemic. The company’s system has been adapted for this purpose and is used in cities in the USA, the Middle East, India, the UK and the Benelux countries. However, no Swedish regions use the vaccination reservation system.

In addition to the actual logistics around the reservation, the data collected in the system is also valuable. It makes it possible to measure how long people have to wait for some time and how long it takes to give the vaccine.

When a little over a year Now that the pandemic has passed, Robert Ekström is optimistic about the future. Receipt of orders has been good, so many systems have to be delivered. In addition, life is being normalized in more and more societies.

“If you look at our installed base of about 60,000 systems, there are a lot of those who did not have mobile tickets and the opportunity to book an appointment. There we see a huge demand. They want to rebuild customer flows. But many parts of the world are still closed, like countries in The Middle East is where we have a lot of business.”