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US, UK target China's 'flagship company' with sanctions

US, UK target China's 'flagship company' with sanctions

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Adobe Stock

The US and UK have issued sanctions against a Chinese company and two individuals linked to the Chinese government. The reason is a series of cyber attacks against the British Electoral Commission and politicians in both countries.

The British Foreign Office says data on millions of British voters may have been leaked in cyber-attacks. However, it is certain that these attacks did not affect the electoral process in the country.

The company in question is Wuhan Xiaoruizhi Science and Technology and two people linked to the Chinese government.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the company is linked to the Chinese Ministry of Defense and has acted as a front for several attacks targeting critical U.S. cybersecurity.

New Zealand was also affected

Similarly, New Zealand Prime Minister Judith Collins said hackers linked to the Chinese government carried out cyber attacks on the New Zealand Parliament in 2021. However, New Zealand has not imposed any sanctions on China.

China has denied all the allegations and says they are baseless.

March 26, 2024Updated March 27, 2024Security

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