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How should the EU reduce the effects of Brexit?  News

How should the EU reduce the effects of Brexit? News

When the transition to the UK withdrawal ended on 31 December, the free movement of people, goods, services and capital came to an end. Socially and economically difficult.

EU leaders agreed to create in July 2020, in order for Europeans to adapt to change Brexit adjustment balance, 5 billion euros by 2025. The reserve will begin gaining support from December 2021 after the approval of the EU Parliament. Members will vote on the balance at the full session in September.

How much money is available for Sweden and various countries?

These funds will help all EU countries. Ireland tops the list, followed by the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium.

Three factors are taken into account to determine the amount for each country: the importance of trade with the UK, the value of the fish caught in the exclusive UK economic zone and the size of the population living in the seas closest to the UK.

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