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Uranus kan bli nästa planet för Nasa

Uranus could be the next planet for NASA

An influential panel of scientists wants NASA to make Uranus the next major research object BBC. The planet makes phenomena in other parts of the universe more understandable.

Uranus is the ninth planet in the solar system, and it revolves around the sun at a distance of 19 times from Earth. The site was relatively unexplored, with the exception of 1986. Then the Voyager-2 probe came along.

Scientists are now particularly curious about Uranus because it could help them understand smaller, similarly shaped objects orbiting certain stars.

It’s NASThe National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – which left Uranus as a recommendation to NASA. On previous occasions, NASA has listened to NAS proposals.

Previous proposals were to explore Mars and Jupiter, which is now underway. Uranus and Neptune were studied in the 1980s, but now scientists have new questions they want answered. It mainly has to do with the size of the planets and how those planets the same size as Uranus are formed.

The slope of Uranus is interesting

One would think that it might have to do with the tilt of the planet, and the way it rotates on its axis.

The proposal is to send a spacecraft sometime in the 2030s into orbit around the planet. Then it would take 13 years to travel there.

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