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Logitech releases a comfortable mouse for little hands

Logitech releases a comfortable mouse for little hands

Mice and ergonomics are usually a very personal thing, but the problem can be with the size of the mouse itself, as most mice are usually similar in size, if not for traveling mice. Logitech’s latest model Dubbed the Lift, it takes into account those who want a smaller, ergonomic mouse. The design itself is similar to the MX Vertical and is mounted vertically. The same 57-degree angle as the MX Vertical’s palm rest is followed and both mice have six buttons, but that’s where the similarities end.

First of all, the Lift does not come with a rechargeable battery, but rather uses a regular LR6 alkaline battery. A rechargeable option works, but it cannot be loaded directly into the mouse. According to Logitech, the alkaline battery should last up to two years of use. Wireless connection to a computer is done either via Bluetooth, Lift supports the latest Bluetooth technology low energyStandard, or via a Logitech Bolt USB dongle.

Bolt is Logitech’s name for its latest wireless protocol that uses an encrypted signal, and is said to be more resistant to signal interference. The wireless range must be up to ten meters and the lift can remember up to three separate devices, which can be switched between using a button on the underside of the mouse. Lift will work with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, Ipad OS, and Android.

The Lift has a new Logitech scroll wheel variant with gear, which it calls Logitech smart wheel In this case. It is also possible to move horizontally using the scroll wheel, which is not possible with all mice. The sensor is optical and has a DPI range from 400 to 4000 dpi, where the two preset values ​​are 1000 and 1600 dpi.

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Something more special is that the Lift comes in designs for both right-handed and left-handed people, with the right-handed model coming in pink, off-white or graphite, while for left-handed people it is only available in graphite. Logitech says the Lift is made from 70 percent consumer use, recycled plastic for the graphite models and 54 percent for the pink and white models.

The lift is designed for slightly smaller hands and Logitech has a credit card-based meter. The mouse has a height of 71 mm, as it is installed vertically, 70 mm wide, 108 mm deep, and weighs 125 grams. In Sweden, the Lift comes with a two-year warranty and is priced at SEK 799 for the left and right models.

Do you use a very ergonomic pointing device or do you stick to mice with a traditional design?