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New World of Warcraft expansion confirmed |  Movie Zen

New World of Warcraft expansion confirmed | Movie Zen

“World of Warcraft: Dragonflight” is the next big expansion of the popular and massive multiplayer online Blizzard game that offers a whole new game category and enough kites for everyone.

Finally, the day we had all been waiting for came; Blizzard announces the new expansion For World of Warcraft. Several rumors and leaked images have already circulated around the network, including that the theme of the expansion will be about dragons and a new game system for “talent trees”. And now we’ve confirmed that the new expansion is undoubtedly all about dragons and that major changes to the game system are underway.

Dragonflight continues a story that began 10,000 years ago on the Dragon Isles, which is divided into five regions and four settlement regions, as well as a special staging area unique to the new dragon dynasty “Dracthyrs”. Dracthyrs fall into the new game category “Evoker,” which is said to combine traditional magic with dragons’ unique abilities. Dracthyrs start at level 58 and take a slightly different path through the Dragon Isles and into the game’s history. Evoker is described as a hybrid class that causes damage from a distance but can also heal.

Watch the trailer for the new expansion here:

A chance to fly from the start

Often a huge frustration among players in World of Warcraft was that we couldn’t fly right from the start of the expansion. We struggle for months riding various animals that are restricted to jogging on the ground before we finally get a chance to fly. But in “Dragonflight” it will be different! Dragonflight will introduce a new ride system called Dragonriding, which allows players to build and customize their own kites and improve the kites’ flying ability and flying style. The availability of private kites and the opportunity to fly will be available from the start.

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big changes

Blizzard will also review key features and content in the user interface. Today, many gamers are using add-ons to improve the user interface, and Blizzard says it has done a complete “revamp” to improve the standard user experience without limiting the possibility of custom add-ons. “We want to let players choose what they will show and what they will hide so they can control it themselves,” said game director Ion Hazikostas.

Occupations in World of Warcraft, or so-called “Professions”, will also be recreated. First of all, the “careers” get a work order system to help craftsmen find and organize commissions, and the ultimate goal of “careers” in Dragonflight is said to offer “more depth than ever before”. At the same time, all classes of the game get a new talent system that follows a more classic skill tree with two branches.

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The general reaction from players in various forums was not positive. Players expected more information and major changes, and the main problem that World of Warcraft faces today is that the game is mostly based on repetitive tasks that are done in the same way and every day, the so-called “crunching”. The game is also hampered by negative time control that prevents players from advancing in the game before anyone else.

There is currently no confirmed release date for Dragonflight, but rumor has it that an expansion is planned for November 2022. With Blizzard in mind and how previous time releases have expanded, the start of 2023 is also a possible guess.

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When do you think Dragonflight will be launched?