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Unwelcome fertilization of wild boars in Oscar's pastures

Unwelcome fertilization of wild boars in Oscar’s pastures

Pig farmer Oskar Ohlson has his farm in Odensåker, which lies between Mariestad and Skövde, where he initially had only Linderödssvin.

About four years ago, problems began with unwelcome wild boars, which Swedish Radio P4 Skaraborg Be the first to report.

– I discovered a wild boar lying and sleeping in the pasture one morning. He covered up to eight pigs, says Oscar Olson, so I had to shoot him.

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6000 volt fence – the wild boar will come anyway

After the gestation period of the pigs, which is about four months, about 40 cult mixed breeds were born. Despite having a 6000 volt electric fence, the problems persisted.

– The first generation of the mixed breed becomes sexually mature at an early age, so we had hybrid wild boars that were crossed again. It’s not really wrong, but we should be able to control our crew, which we’re not doing right now.

Oscar Olson with a cross between a wild boar and a red linden pig. Photo: private

Oscar Olson says that pigs have good genes and mixed breeds are healthy. But the downside is that his sister, the hare who has never given birth to pigs before, gets pregnant very quickly and does not have the right conditions or energy to give birth early.

– It’s stupid, because it will be difficult for me and me too. We have too many pigs now and there is a shortage of space in the stables.

“It’s exhausting.”

At present, there are about 110 pigs on the farm, and about half of them are mixed breeds of wild boar and Linderödssvin. Pigs are used for slaughter, and Oscar Olson says that despite more pigs, he doesn’t see any financial gain in this area.

– It’s the same meat, but exhausting. I have some pigs that I haven’t been able to use for several years because the pigs have already been covered in wild boars.

Oscar Olson prefers the pigs to be outdoors, but since wild boars are active during the night, he has had to keep the animals indoors. He says that if he sees a wild boar on his land, he has the right to shoot him.

– But it’s hard, because they leave as soon as they see us or hear us.

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