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Här är årets bästa fondkategorier

Here are the best fund categories of the year – real estate funds and small business funds above

The best fund, the one that has risen the most since the start of the year, is IKC Fastighetsfond A, up 66 percent. And over the past five years, the fund has offered savers a return of about 200 percent.

“This corresponds to 24.6 percent per year measured in average annual effective return (CAGR),” Niclas Anderson wrote on the Avanza website, adding that the fund has 11,971 savers in Avanza alone.

Come back for real estate money

For a few years before 2021, many savers were uninterested in real estate funds, despite their already good performance in 2020. But this year has changed, he says, and with good news emerging.

It’s the rising inflation combined with low interest rates that creates an “interesting situation” for real estate companies, says Niclas Anderson. The consolidation results in a lower cost of financing, with interest costs making up a large part of the cost base of companies in the real estate sector.

When rental income, which is usually associated with inflation, is adjusted upward. Is it useful for real estate companies.

Four out of ten on the list

He also wrote: “Of course, it remains to be seen whether the high rate of inflation will continue and therefore will have an impact on corporate financing costs.”

Real estate funds occupy four of the places in the top ten list, while small business funds take three of the places.

The biggest holdings in IKC Fastighetsfond are SBB, Balder, Sagax and NP3 Fastigheter, all but Balder have doubled since the turn of the year.

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The second-best fund on Anderson’s top 10 list is Schroder ISF Global Energy A Acc USD, a fund focused on traditional energy companies.

We have seen an energy crisis bubble resurface in record time as the global economy restarts. The prices of oil, coal and natural gas, among others, rose sharply, which can also be seen in fossil heavy energy funds. Despite this, relatively few savers choose heavy money compared to money focused on renewable energy,” writes Niclas Anderson.

Small business money with property

In third place is the first small corporate fund, Danske Invest Sverige Småbolag SA SEK.

Nicklas Andersson writes “An interesting look at the anatomy of the listing also shows that two out of three corporate small funds have multiple real estate holdings among the largest holdings,” adding that Danske Invest Sverige Småbolag’s top holdings are SBB, NP3 Fastigheter and Sagax, all of which are up At least 100 percent since the beginning of the year.

TableThe table below shows the rise of the top ten funds since January 1, 2021:

This year’s best chests Until this year,%
IKC Fastighetsfond 66,19
Schroeder ISF Global Energy A Acc 64,99
Danske Invest Sverige Småbolag 60,11
Odin Fastihget C SEK 58, 48
Thematica – Navigating the future 58.09
SEB Fastighet Norden A 57,63
Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsfond A 57,62
Odin Small Cap C SEK 57,01
DNB Retail Private Equity Fund C 56, 10
Hobbs Small Company Fund 55,98
Source: Avanza, 11/16 -21