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Volta Trucks builds its prototypes

Photo: Volta Trucks

The Swedish Volta Zero electric truck is close to being launched. The first 25 prototypes are now being built to undergo drive tests before production actually begins.

By the end of 2022, the first copies of the Volta Zero will be delivered to their buyers, which means that there will be acceleration of the innovative Swedish Volta trucks. They have now announced that production of 25 prototypes has begun and that in January 2022 they will embark on the correct tracks for final testing in real conditions. By the middle of next year, select customers will be able to borrow cars for longer periods and contribute to testing.

Volta Trucks describes its Zero as the world’s first electric truck with a gross vehicle weight of 16 tons. The battery capacity will be 150-225 kWh, and the range should be 15-20 miles. The actual series will be produced at Magna Steyr in Austria and 2,500 customers are said to have already pre-ordered the car.

Volta Trucks was founded in 2017 by Carl-Magnus Norden and Kjell Walöen. The head office is located in Stockholm, but the main operations are managed from the United Kingdom.

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