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UK Supreme Court demands answers from government over climate cases

UK Supreme Court demands answers from government over climate cases

British shipping companies hail Supreme Court ruling that requires government to clarify net zero targets. The RHA welcomes the decision, which means the government will have to explain how it will achieve its targets for net zero emissions. What will Sweden’s path to the same goal look like?

It is certainly not easy for citizens in the UK, here or elsewhere, to understand how governments intend to achieve the climate targets they have set. In the UK, a lack of clarity from the government about its net zero strategy led to a legal challenge from environmentalists including Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth, who argued that the government did not include specific policies to meet the targets.

Said RHA Riders risk ending up in stranded assets as they switch from diesel to cleaner energy in the week the government clarifies its net zero strategy.

A British one The government’s net zero strategy includes plans to ban new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2030 and ICE heavy trucks from 2035, but specific strategies for how to achieve these goals have yet to be determined.

Supreme Court It ruled in favor of environmentalists last week, acknowledging that there was no explanation for how the government would meet the emissions targets. It therefore ruled that the government had failed to meet the requirements of the Climate Change Act 2008.

as a consequence As a result, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) must now produce a statement of policy on achieving net zero targets, which must be tabled in Parliament by April 2023.

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Chris Ashley, RHAThe policy director for the environment said: “The lack of guidance from the government on how to achieve its net zero targets has long been a problem for our sector. Commercial vehicle operators are willing to invest in alternatives to diesel, but there is currently no certainty that that investment will be supported by regulations.

After rising The court’s decision reiterates the RHA’s call to the government to present a road map backed by a coherent regulatory framework so that future investments are not wasted. “This is fundamental as commercial vehicle operators plan their vehicle replacement programs,” Motor writes Transportation.

if you want Take a look at Sweden’s road map towards the same goal and you’ll see Here.