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UK nightlife in danger of extinction

The nightlife industry asks for clarity on the return date Discos and live concerts. That’s it UK nightlife There is danger அழிவு, If the government does not subsidize its survival.

UK music industry Asks the Prime Minister to get in touch Date of return Live concerts and festivals. Delegates warn that many companies that offer shows are on the edge BankruptcySo thousands of jobs will be lost. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced it Rapid or antigen tests They will be used to restrict health care in reopening concert halls and discos.

It is true that the vaccine is being carried out successfully in the UK. Therefore, the opening of nightlife spaces is approaching. Conservative MPs Campaigning for the British government Announce the return of nightlife in the summer. For his part, Johnson will establish the next restraining order next Monday.

The uncertain future of British nightlife

A statement signed by more than 30 different political parties was released today. The report warns that such preventive and social remote controls Limit of six Requirements for food to be served with community meetings and drinks, Alex Pasha | The sector is tough Can function. 37% of night survey workers in the survey Lost job. The most worrying data is that 85% are considering leaving the industry. Companies recorded an average turnover of 28% compared to the previous year.

Support for the music and nightlife industry

As a solution, the government wants to announce a plan Economic night. The purpose is to provide a professional support package with government-backed insurance plans. Solution plan Rental delays Style Eat outside to help Will serve Consumption will increase When restrictions are removed. 60% of downtown revenue after 6pm, a vibrant nightlife Will be essential to revive the economy From urban centers, according to the report.

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Committee Chairman Jeff Smith, a Labor MP And DJ., Announces that the loss of night living spaces could leave a huge hole Local economies. Jeff Smith: “Our nightclubs, pubs, bars and live concerts are very important to our communities.”