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U18 WC: Promotions and relegations from Division 1B and Division 2A

U18 WC: Promotions and relegations from Division 1B and Division 2A

The third and fourth divisions of the U18 Men’s WC system have been completed. Austria and Lithuania have been promoted to the WC system on the U18 side. See below the results and tables of Division 1B and Division 2A.

At the weekend (April 20), the U18 World Cup opens for Smacrona and nine other participating nations. The world’s top ten nations compete for gold in Switzerland. However, in addition to the countries in the top division, there is also a national team season underway for other national teams aiming for the top division in the future, but they now have to settle for lower division games in the International Ice Hockey Federation. (IIHF) organization.

Last week and the weekend saw World Cup matches in Slovenia and Serbia. The third highest division in the U18 boys’ system, Division 1B, was decided in Bled, Slovenia. There, Austria moved up a division (to Division 1A), while Poland was relegated to Division 2A until next year’s tournament. Division 2A was decided at the same time in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, where Lithuania took a step up the ladder.

Division 1B (U18), results and schedule

April 10:
Poland – Austria, 3-1
Estonia – Italy, 2-4
South Korea – Slovenia, 2-4

April 11:
Austria – Estonia, 7-1
Italy – South Korea, 3-2
Slovenia – Poland, 6-3

April 13:
Estonia – South Korea, 2-5
Italy – Poland, 1-0
Slovenia – Austria, 4-6

April 15:
South Korea – Poland, 6-2
Slovenia – Estonia, 4-1
Austria – Italy, 3-0

April 16:
Poland – Estonia, 1-2
Austria – South Korea, 4-2
Italy – Slovenia, 1-2 e.forl

Final table

  1. Austria, 12p (raised to category 1A)
  2. Slovenia, 11p
  3. Italy, 10p
  4. South Korea, 6p
  5. Estonia, 3p
  6. Poland, 3p (relegated to Division 2A)

Division 2A (U18), results and schedule

April 9:
Romania – Great Britain, 3-4 e.forl
Spain – Croatia, 2-3
Lithuania – Serbia, 5-3

April 10:
Great Britain – Croatia, 0-7
Lithuania – Romania, 6-0
Serbia – Spain, 3-4 e.forl

April 12:
Lithuania – Spain, 5-0
Romania – Croatia, 2-11
Great Britain – Serbia, 6-2

April 13:
Croatia – Lithuania, 1-4
Spain – Great Britain, 2-3
Serbia – Romania, 6-3

April 15:
Romania – Spain, 3-2
Great Britain – Lithuania, 1-2 e.forl
Croatia – Serbia, 6-1

Final table

  1. Lithuania, 14p (raised to Section 1B)
  2. Croatia, 12p
  3. Great Britain, 9p
  4. Serbia, 4p
  5. Romania, 4p
  6. Spain, 2p (relegated to Group 2B)